The Association of Cyber Engineers

The Association of Cyber Engineers is an organization at Louisiana Tech to promote the field of Cyber Engineering. We strive for out of class room learning so that we can adapt to the real world of cyber security and dynamic learning.

Who We Are

The Association of Cyber Engineers (ACE) is the first organization of its kind, helping students not only learn about the fundamentals of cyber security, but also providing a platform and professional connections for members to use to excel their college career. ACE welcomes all students ‑ from Engineering to Business to Education. We strive to help everyone understand more about Cyber Engineering and how everyone has a role in cyber security.

What We Do

We believe that you learn best in a hands-on environment, so instead of having someone lecture at meetings and tell you about a topic, we give you the tools and actually do it. We discuss and demonstrate all kinds of cyber related topics including: Steganography, Python Scripting, Hacking, Cryptography, and Forensics. In addition to learning about cool new topics that you would not otherwise learn in class, ACE members get to make connections with other students who share similar interests and professionals in the Cyber Engineering, Cyber Security, and Cryptography fields.

Where To Find Us

We have meetings every Monday in Nethken 140 at 6:00PM. You can contact us at for any questions or comments.

What We Do

These are some of our favorite things to cover and use in meetings. From concepts to tools, we love it all.

Linux Mint XFCE

Linux Mint is a popular distribution of the Linux operating system. It is typically used by those new to Linux as well as those that are just looking for a simple experience (as opposed to more involved distributions such as Gentoo and Arch). We typically reccomend the XFCE flavor as it is light-weight and easy to run in a virtual machine, which is our reccomendation for anyone getting started with Linux. While there are more lightweight experiences out there, they aren't tailored for beginners to the world of Linux and can seem quite daunting.

To find out more about the Linux Mint Project, check out the website at

Virtual Box

Virtual Box is a free and powerful virtualization software that allows the user to create and manage virtual machines (virtual instances of operating systems running within a piece of software such as Virtual Box). It is a popular alternative to VMWare and is typically preferred by open source enthusiasts. In the Association of Cyber Engineers, we are constantly creating new virtual machines, sometimes to host an experiment (often involving new exploits) or sometimes something as simple as hosting a website we are designing. It has a wide range of uses and is a very important tool for any computer scientist or cyber engineer.

To find out more about Virtual Box, check out their website at


Python is a powerful programming language that allows us to create scripts to solve tough problems.

To find out more about Python, check out the website at

For more of our favorite tools, refer to our tools page.

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