Oct 202014

Latest AED News:

***Next Thursday (October 30th), AED will be having a meeting in CTH 328. Captain Keisler from the army will be here to discuss their programs.

***Please remember to DRESS PROFESSIONALLY when attending all AED meetings.

***This will be the last opportunity to pay your dues ($10) to become a member of AED this year! Please remember that you must be a paid member for 3 years in order to get cords for graduation. So make sure that you don’t miss out. If you can’t make it, send one of your friends who is already going with your money or arrange something in order to get it paid on time! You can contact myself, President Logan Brown (lrb044@latech.edu), or Treasurer Katie Johnson (kej011@latech.edu) if you have questions.

***Some members have paid their dues but did not fill out the membership form that we have passed out at both meetings. This must be filled out for you to be considered a member as it includes your signature agreeing to the AED pledge.

***Our AED website will stay updated with the e-mails that are sent out as well. You can always check it out through the link below in case you accidentally delete an e-mail or something to that nature. Check the “News” column.                                                   http://orgs.latech.edu/aed/aedblog/?page_id=45

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