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Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 09 August 2008 07:49


Constitution of American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

Louisiana Tech University Chapter




  Last Revised: September 16, 2009


Article I – Organization Name

The name of this Organization shall be the Louisiana Tech University Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, also known by the acronym AIChE.


Article II – Purpose

The purpose of this chapter shall be (1) to promote the professional development of its members by its programs and by its relationships with other Student Chapters and with the parent body, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and (2) to contribute to the development of chemical engineers at Louisiana Tech University through activities involving the faculty and the student members.


Article III – Membership

Section 1: Any student enrolled in the chemical engineering curriculum at Louisiana Tech University shall be a prospect candidate and shall be eligible for membership.

Section 2: Students enrolled in related engineering or scientific courses may be declared eligible for membership by a simple majority vote of the AIChE Members. Such Vote shall be considered as applying to all the members of such groups rather than to a specific individual.

Section 3: In order to be added as a member to the chapter, a yearly fee of $20 must be purchased.

Section 4: The elected officers for that school year are exempt from this yearly membership fee.


Article IV – Officers

Section 1: To direct the activities of the chapter, the following officers and committee members shall serve for the entire school year. President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Chair, Conference Chair, Web Master,  as well as Freshman and Sophomore Representatives.

Section 2: The President, Vice-President and Treasurer must have had a membership for at least one year in order to be eligible for these candidacies.

Section 3: The newly elected officers will take office the Fall of the presiding school year.

Section 4: At a regularly scheduled meeting, any member may request in writing the removal of an officer. This request is automatically tabled until the next regularly scheduled meeting. A discussion of the officer being requested for removal must be held and 2/3 of the members present must vote against the officer for his purge.


Article V – Officer Duties

Section 1: The President shall be the chief executive officer of the chapter and assume responsibility for leadership in the work of the chapter. He must also bring before the chapter all communications from the university or the National Chapter Leaders. He must also assist all committees, plan and assist on the chapter programs and activities. The president must preside all meetings, serve as a Chairman of the Program Committee and as an exo-offico member of all other committees.

Section 2: The Vice-President shall assist the president in the performance of his duties and shall preside the meetings of all other committees in the absence of the President.

Section 3: The Treasurer shall collect all chapter membership fees, charitable donations, and fundraiser profits. In addition, he must pay all bills of the chapter prior to the approval of the president. He shall keep adequate financial reports and permit their inspection by any other officer of the chapter or the advisor upon request. Upon request of the President he/she shall present an oral financial report at any meeting of the chapter. He/she shall present a complete and final written report at the last meeting of each school year, and at that time he shall deliver to his successor all chapter records and funds in his/her possession. He/she shall preside the meetings of the chapter in the absence of the President and Vice-President.

Section 4: The Secretary shall keep a strict record of all meetings and procedures; assist the president by sending out notices promptly. He must also inform in the committees of important due dates.

Section 5: The Social Chair shall report all the chapter activities on campus. He/she must also inform the members of chapter meetings and upcoming events.

Section 6: The Conference Chair must inform the chapter of important National and Regional Conferences. As well as to look up sign up dates, conference fees, location, hotels and estimated a budget for the chapter trip as soon as information is available.

Section 7: The Web Master shall generate an online public webpage that is capable of informing the chapter goals, duties and upcoming events to everyone that is interested. 


Article VI – Officer Election

Section 1: Election of the next school year officers listed in Article IV shall take place no later than the next to the last meeting of each school year.

Section 2: Nominations for every officer position shall be made by any current officer or member. Nominations must be communicated to any chapter officer in any kind of written medium, preferably in a letter or email.

Section 3: Ballots shall be made for the voting day and officers must be elected in the order presented in Article IV. 

Section 4: Any vacancies in officers which should occur before the end of the school year shall be filled by means of appointment by the current officers.


Article VII – Method of Selecting a Faculty Advisor

Section 1: The Faculty Advisor shall be selected by the elected officers with a majority vote decision.

Section 2: The Faculty advisor must be on familiar terms with The Louisiana Tech University Student Handbook, Local and National Chapter Constitutions. The Faculty advisor must also certify his role as an advisor for the student chapter and that it is in no way associated with his employment at Louisiana Tech University.


Article VIII – Meeting Notifications

A week before the planned meeting, all COES students shall be notified via email. Another email directed to only organization members shall be sent. Flyers shall be made and posted by the Secretary around campus. These flyers shall be certified by the SGA and Housing Office before posted.


Article IX– Amendments to the Constitution

Section 1: Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed at any regular meeting by any member of the chapter.

Section 1: Adoption of a modified or new amendment shall be by three-fourths vote of all members attending a later appointed regular meeting, provided that such three-fourths majority shall include at least half the members of the chapter.


Article X – Organization Statements

The organization denotes to have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the regulations and policies stated above and in the University Student Handbook. Additionally, the organization understands that there are copies of the Student Handbook Available in Keeny Hall 305.

The Louisiana Tech University AIChE Chapter agrees upon following Robert’s Rules of Order with all its Parliamentary Laws in meetings as well as in National and International presentations.


The Louisiana Tech University AIChE Chapter agrees upon the avoidance of encompassing any action or activity that does not contribute to the positive development of a person who inflicts or intends to cause mental or bodily harm or anxieties; or which may demean, degrade, or disgrace any person.


Last Revision:

September 16, 2009





  • promote excellence in chemical engineering education and global practice
  • advance the development and exchange of relevant knowledge
  • uphold and advance the profession's standards, ethics and diversity
  • enhance the lifelong career development and financial security of chemical engineers through products, services,   networking, and advocacy
  • stimulate collaborative efforts among industry, universities, government, and professional societies
  • encourage other engineering and scientific professionals to participate in AIChE activities
  • advocate public policy that embraces sound technical and economic information and that represents the interest of chemical engineers
  • facilitate public understanding of technical issues; and achieve excellence in operations of the Institute.
  • Last Updated on Thursday, 17 September 2009 16:32

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