Welcome to the Louisiana Tech University College Republicans, the best party on campus. As we prepare for the upcoming academic year, we also must prepare for the crucial election cycle that is ahead. In this time of foreign conflict, economic turmoil, and disdain for our belief in family, faith, and personal freedom it is essential that we elect conservative leaders who will maintain a safe and decent America.

The 2004 elections will prove to be the stepping stones for our generation to excel. Now is the time for us to take a stand from our hometowns to the White House. As a child, I learned about the responsibilities that I would take on as an adult in this country. It is my belief that we, the next generation of leaders, must rise to the challenge now if we expect our country to prosper ten years from now. It scares me to think of all of the apathetic college students that are not willing to be a part of the shaping of our future nation. If tomorrow’s leaders do not rise to the challenge and make our voices heard, then what will tomorrow have in store for our generation and the generations to come.

I am honored to once again have the privilege to serve as your president. I look forward to working with all of you, as we take on the nation that we were born to someday lead. If you are a motivated college student, anxious to help shape our future nation, I hope you will join the Louisiana Tech College Republicans.

Lee Whitten


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