Nepal Nite

NNA provides ‘A Glimpse of Nepal’

by Tina Marie Alvarenga

The Namaste Nepal Association held its second annual “Nepal Night” Sunday in the Student Center, Main Floor.

Students, faculty and honored guests were able to get a glimpse of Nepal as the NNA provided a variety of entertainment.

NNA served Nepali food, sang native songs and performed traditional dances.

The association also conducted a fashion show, demonstrating Ne_pali outfits during certain ceremonies and everyday wear.

Ashutosh Koir_ala, NNA president and a senior electrical engineering major, said, “A person knows a culture by the food, the dress and the music. We see [Nepal Nite] as an easy way of teaching, the best way.”

Nepal is a nation located south of China and north of India and was described by Shirish Lamichhane, a junior industrial engineering major, as the “country of the mountains and land of the gods.”

The night was introduced by Lamichhane and Sumiti Lamichhane, a senior electrical engineering major, in a Nepali-English greeting, followed by a Nepali song.

Matthew Heard, a sophomore photography major, said, “The music was very enjoyable; they had a good time dancing and fellowshipping with each other. Watching them reminded me of my big family coming together.”

Koirala said Nepal Night is a representation of the Nepali culture and entertainment, and the night is put together so everyone learns more about Nepal.

“The way we interact as an International community and an American community is easier if [people] know a little bit about you,” Koirala said.

He said NNA is an organization that promotes and shares the knowledge of Nepal and works as a median between Nepali students and Tech students.

“We make life easier for the Nepali people, but it is also open to the public; anyone can join NNA,” Koirala said.

Aayush Rijal, a freshman accounting major at Grambling State University, said, “We show our culture and tradition to you, so that our country can be known by many people around the world.”

NNA gave a glimpse of the Nepali culture to their guests through their even_ing activities.

“I felt like it gave a great perception of what their culture is,” Heard said.

“The food was very enticing; it had great flavor and really gave you a sense of eating in Nepal.”

He also said he enjoyed the fashion show because it let you know the dress of the Nepali people and what they wear in everyday life to formal wear – even what they wear at their wedding ceremonies.

“The Nepali students welcomed everyone with arms wide open and were more than happy to embrace and get to know others outside of them,” Rijal said.

Koirala said the objective of “Nepal Night” is to express Nepali tradition, culture and food. The night concluded with the Nepali National Anthem.

Heard said, “Though the Nepali people are different through culture and dress, they have the same core values as we Americans do.”

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