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Transferring From Another School?

  1. Know the application deadlines of the school that you are transferring to. Apply ahead of deadlines. Do not wait until last hour if you’ve already made up your mind to transfer.
  2. The school that you are transferring to has F-1 transfer certification form in its website. Make a print of that, fill out the necessary information that you (applicant) must fill out. Rest needs to be filled out by designated ISO official. So, after filling out the form on your part, go to the ISO, and make a request to fill that form. Make sure ISO faxes the form to new school quite ahead of time.
  3. Almost all of the colleges require academic transcript to be sent directly from the registrar’s office. You need to go to the registrar’s office, fill out the “transcript request form” mentioning the address of a new school. You can also do this on line by logging into the B.O.S.S. before your account at Tech gets terminated.
  4. Always be in correspondence with the new school. I bet you don’t want to get out- of –status due to silly mistakes.
  5. Until your SEVIS is transferred to the new school , you’ll be the property of Tech. SEVIS  is not transferred by Tech to any other institution until your valid acceptance letter from new school is on file. The bad news is if you are not accepted from the school that you were transferring to, and you are also not registered at Tech, there is a chance of losing F-1 status. The good news is if you are accepted from the new school, upon submission of that letter at Tech, your SEVIS will be transferred and your status will be safe.


4 comments on “Transferring From Another School?

  1. Srijana on said:


    I am trying to transfer to this school for the completion of my bachelor’s degree. I hav already completed my associate’s degree. being a nepali student, I am hoping for this association to help me out with some important questions about the scholarships and the jobs opportunities around there for the F 1 students. Like the on campus job and all, the chances of getting scholarships and the types of scholarships they offer for student like us.

    The note that you’ve write about the process of transfer is great. Thanks for doing that. It helps a lot of students in process of transfer. I am looking forward for the reply of this message in my inbox. My e mail add is


    • Thank you srijana for having interest in La Tech. Well a quick answer for your question is “Yes” They do offer a good scholarship called Bulldog Scholarship. In order to gain that privilege you have to have the cumulative GPA of 2.75+ . About the on-campus Job, it is all up to your searching ability in campus’ library, Computer lab, La Tech Police department and so on.

  2. nepaliboy on said:

    what about the transfer scholarships ?

    • jpa020 on said:

      Hmm…Transfer scholarships??Well, the only fee waiver Tech offers for International Students is out of state fee waiver. There are no other scholarships available (except some ocassional department scholarships, which you dont really know when they will be offered).

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