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Labor Information Centers: Nepal


Employment is of immense significance in the economic development of any country, for it is self-reinforcing to an utmost degree. When people get jobs their consumption basket widens, propelling demand as well as production, which in turn generates more jobs for unemployed youths and revenue for the government. So, in any given economy, particularly in the advanced ones, the success of the political leadership is gauged by how many additional jobs it was able to create in a specific time period.

However, in an economy like ours, where vital employment statistics are spurious, employment has not yet found a place in the priority list of policy makers. In short, the government puts in all possible effort in promoting foreign employment, but pays little attention to boosting employment at home.

But all that seems to be changing gradually, as the government is opening at least 14 labor information centers across the country to help unemployed youths find suitable work. Given that Nepal seriously lacks basic information about the unemployed and their status, the labor information centers will be crucial in creating a database on such people. The database, if managed properly, will serve both employers and employees. Continue reading Labor Information Centers: Nepal