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NSBE Week is Coming up Soon. Join us in our very eventful week which also involves us giving back to our Ruston community.

Thursday, Sept 22th - Professional Success Day with Mr Ron Cathey
Sunday, Sept. 25th - Community Service Event
Monday, Sept 26th - Membership Drive
Tuesday, Sept 27th - Membership Drive
Wednesday, Sept 28th - Bake Sale
Thursday, Sept 29th - Career Day

Friday, Sept 30th - Social Activity
Saturday, Oct. 1st - Tech Beautification



Study Jams

Our Study Jams gives all students an opportunity to study their lessons, do group projects, and also receive student-to-student help with their course work. To enhance study secessions, refreshments may sometimes be provided. Refreshments may include pizza, sandwiches, little Debbie snacks, or small. Study Jam secessions are Tues and Wed from 7-9 and Special Late Night Midterm and Finals Study Jams are held on select Thursday nights from 7-11.   

*Note: Study Jams end times are not set times. The end time may be extended until everyone is helped or leaves.




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