Wyly Tower of Learning

Wyly Tower is Ruston's tallest building. Constructed in 1973, the building is named in honor of Charles Wyly, Sr., whose two sons (Sam and Charles) are notable LaTech graduates and major contributers to the construction costs. Wyly Tower is divided into two sections with different access points. Access to the Library and east side of the building is through the South Access facing the Quadrangle. Access to Floors 11 through 16 and the west side of the building is through the the West Access facing the parking lot between Wyly Tower and George T. Madison Hall.

West Access

Computing Center: 1st Floor

Marketing & Public Relations: 2nd Floor

Auditorium: 2nd Floor

Enrollment Management: 2nd Floor

Institutional Research: 2nd Floor

24 Hour Student Computer Lab: 3rd Floor

Registration Center: 3rd Floor

University Museum: 3rd Floor

College of Business: 11th Floor

Air Force ROTC: 14th Floor

Academic Affairs (Vice President): 16th Floor

Graduate Studies & University Research: 16th Floor

Internal Audit: 16th Floor

President: 16th Floor

South Access

Library: 1st-10th Floor

Federal Document Repository: 1st Floor

Louisiana Document Repository: 1st Floor

Disabled Student Services Office: 3rd Floor

University Archives: 4th Floor

Foreign Policy Center: 5th Floor

College of Applied & Natural Science: 9th Floor

Center for Instructional Technology & Distance Learning: 10th Floor

Center for Educational Excellence: 10th Floor

Student Computer Lab: 10th Floor

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