Louisiana Tech Chapter of Biomdeical Engineering Society


Article I – Name

The name of the organization shall be The Louisiana Tech Chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society.


Article II – Purpose

Section 1.  The purpose of this society is to encourage the development, dissemination, integration, and utilization of knowledge of biomedical engineering, and this shall be carried out in accordance with the rules, regulations, and standards of Louisiana Tech University.

Section 2.  The members shall strive to implement the ideals of scholarship, citizenship, and leadership by rendering services and making contributions to Louisiana Tech University.


Article III – Members

Section 1.  Membership shall be open all those who share the stated purpose of the society and who have the educational,  practical , or research experience in biomedical engineering or in an allied scientific field. The detailed membership qualifications for voting privileges are provided by the Bylaw NO. 1.  All officers and voting members shall be currently enrolled students at Louisiana Tech University.  Membership in The Biomedical Engineering Society is open without restriction as to race, creed, sex, or national origin.


Article IV – Officers

Section. 1.  The officers of The Louisiana Tech Chapter of The Biomedical Engineering Society shall consist of president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, technologist, and social chair.

Section 2.  The present officers and the faculty advisor of Louisiana Tech Chapter shall comprise the executive committee.

Section 3.  The election of president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, technologist, and social chairperson and the procedure is found in BYLAW NO. 2, and the duties of these officers in BYLAW NO. 3.


Article V. Committees

The executive committee may establish Standing and Ad Hoc Committees.


Article VII – Dues


The executive committee may as specified by the Bylaws shall determine the annual dues for membership.


Article VIII – Meetings

A meeting of the society chapter for transacting business, presenting communications and reports, and related activities shall take place at least once a month. Other meetings may be called as specified by the Bylaws.


Article IX – Conduct

Section 1. The society and its members agree to uphold and abide by the rules and regulations of Louisiana Tech University.

Section 2. The society agrees that it is responsible for the behavior of members and guests at any of its functions.

Section 3. Hazing, in any form, is not allowed by this organization or its individual members.


Article X –Bylaws

The provisions of the Constitution of the Biomedical Engineering Society shall be carried out in accordance with the current Bylaws of the society chapter.

Article XI.  Amendments

Any member of the society chapter at any schedules meeting may process amendments to the constitution. Proposals for amendments will be presented to the member ship and will be tabled and placed on display. Amendments may be voted on for approval at the next meeting by a two-thirds majority of the assembled members, provided quorum is present. The Louisiana Tech Organizations Committee must approve all changes in the constitution before taking effect.


BYLAW No. 1-Membership

  1. The society chapter shall consist of persons accepted for membership by the Biomedical Engineering Society and given the membership designation deemed by the national society.


1.1   Voting member are those who have completed applications and paid dues.

1.2   Persons seeking membership in the society may be eligible to vote during the same meeting that the member has filed a completed application with secretary and paid his or her dues to the treasurer.

BYLAW No. 2—Elections and Terms for Officers

2.0   Annual elections for all officers shall be held during the first meeting in February. Special elections will be held during the next scheduled meeting following the resignation or expulsion of any officer.

2.1   Nominations and acceptance of nominations of any executive position may be submitted either orally or written from any voting member.

2.2   Election procedure shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order.

2.3   The term for all offices shall be form March 1st, following the election, until the next consecutive March 1st.

2.4   Officers elected during special elections shall only complete the term of their predecessor.


BYLAW No. 3—Duties of Offices

3.0   PRESIDENT—It shall be the duty of the president to conduct the society chapter meeting, to serve as the chairman of the executive committee, and to oversee the actions of all other committees.

3.1   VICE-PRESIDENT—It shall be the role of the vice-president to fill the role of president in the occurrence that the current president be unable to fulfill his or her duty for any reason. It shall also be the role of the vice-president to work in cooperation of the president and the rest of the executive to ensure that the needs and duties of the society are met.

3.2   SECRETARY-The secretary shall be responsible for keeping record of the society chapter meetings, taking minutes at each meeting, processing applications, and maintaining records for the Chapter Development Report.

3.3   TREASURER-The treasurer shall handle financial records of the chapter, maintain a budget for the Chapter Development Report, and send a quarterly financial report to the Office of Student Life. The treasurer will be responsible for assisting with all purchases made for the society.

3.4   TECHNOLOGIST- The technologist will be responsible for keeping the website as well as Blackboard up-to-date, as well as assisting the social chair with publicizing any and all events and meetings.

3.5   SOCIAL CHAIR-The social chair will be responsible for the organization of fundraisers and socials which includes but is not limited to, organizing fundraisers and socials, ensuring all the necessary equipment, etc. is present to make the event a success, gathering a list of volunteers and coordinate their actions for the events, coordinating with treasurer to ensure the proper amount of funds are available.


BYLAW No. 4-Quorums

4.0   A quorum for the transaction of business at a regular business meeting of the society chapter shall be no less than forty percent of the paid membership.


BYLAW No. 5-Faculty Advisor

5.0   The executive committee shall select Faculty Advisors.



6.0 Dues will be ser by the executive committee as the amount required by the national Biomedical Engineering Society plus an amount for local dues that is approved by a two-thirds vote of the paid members or as carried from the previous year.


BYLAW No. 7—Robert’s Rules of Order

7.0   If any situation not previously covered in the Constitution or in these Bylaws should arise, it shall be handled according to Robert’s Rules of Order.