About ESA

Louisiana Tech’s Engineering and Science Association is an organization which includes all students in the College of Engineering and Science. ESA strives to promote a sense of community among the students of all engineering and science disciplines by hosting events and service activities that take place throughout the year, as well as E&S Day for prospective students.

One of the oldest ESA traditions still around is the annual Gumbo Fest, which began in 2000 as an occasion for the COES seniors to celebrate their achievements, complete with gumbo provided by Dr. Guice himself. Today the event exists for students and faculty to have the opportunity to socialize, eat gumbo, and learn more about the different COES organizations. 

Another annual event hosted by ESA is Spring Release, a crawfish boil that helps bring together students and faculty of the College of Engineering and Science to enjoy an afternoon outside of the classroom. This event also features an award ceremony where the outstanding students for the year are announced. 

ESA recently reincarnated the COES Cup tradition, a points competition designed to promote healthy competition and college-wide spirit among the College of Engineering and Science. COES organizations can earn points by hosting community service events, attending national conferences, and participating in special competitions, hosted by the ESA Freshman Council.