Note: The "Guidebook" has a whole chapter of FAQ presented categorically. Please go through the same.

Q. What is the best time to apply to Tech?
A. Please consider applying atlest two months in advance to the deadlines posted by the school.

Q. What is the application fee for Tech? How should I pay it?
A. The application fee for international/Indian students is $40. You may send the application fee by check or draft in favor of "Louisiana Tech University". Please note that it is necessary to send the application fee along with your application packet in order to avoid delays in application processing.

Q. Isn't there an online application for Tech?! Can I at least pay the application fee online?
A. At this time, Tech does not provide an online application. The application fee cannot be paid online either. However, if you wish to use an international debit/credit card to pay the application fee, you may do so over the phone by calling the Comptroller's Office at +1-318-257-4325.

Q. If I send you my academic profile, will you able to tell my chances for admission?
A. The admission decision is taken at various stages and is the collective decision of the Graduate School, College of Engineering & Science, and the particular academic Department. These offices have their preset guidelines and cutoff limits for admission, but they also restrict or relax these guidelines based on other applications for that particular term. Thus, it is not possible to predict the admission chances generally. The Guidebook FAQ enumerate the guidelines and generally possible relaxations, using which you may be able to assess your own chances for admission. If your application does not meet the general criteria of admission, you may still apply at your own risk. The AIS does not have a say in the process of admission, and thus disclaims any and all liability pertaining to the information provided therein.

Q. I am applying for an undergraduate program. I don't find much help here...
A. The International Student Office (ISO) has a very helpful website in your case. In fact, the ISO also processes your application. You may also consider writing to explaining your situation.

Q. I am applying for an non-engineering and science program. You don't seem to care about providing much information for me.
A. The AIS cares for all the students equally. However, most Indian students at Tech are students of engineering and science programs and thus specific help is provided to these students, thereby leaving out other majors and programs. However, the Guidebook should still be helpful for most part. For other queries you have, you may e-mail us and we shall provide you the information you need.

Q. Where can I find more information about Tech and/or Ruston?
A. Some information about Ruston is provided here, and more can be found in the link therein. A lot more information about Tech and Ruston are provided in Chapter 2 of the Guidebook.

Q. Where can I find more information about my particular program?
A. The University website offers information about its programs. You may have to go to the website of your particular College. For programs offered by the College of Engineering & Science, you'll find more information in the Chapter 4 of the Guidebook. If you still have queries, you can contact us.

Q. Where do I seek answers for more queries I have?
A. We first point to the Guidebook which is an exhaustive resource of not just FAQ but has most of what you need. You may also want to look through the University website or particular locations of therein such as the Graduate School website. If your queries are still not answered, then you may e-mail us or the International Student Office (ISO) or the International Student Association (ISA), and we shall provide you the information you need.

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