The Association that one sees today is the result of hard work by many individuals the AIS feels it a responsibility and honor to acknowledge them all. While it is not practically possible to name all the volunteers that extend their helping hands in organizing various activities of the Association, we thank them all on par with those who served the panel of the AIS officers in the past, since its reinstatement in 2000.

President Uday S V / Kiran C
Vice President Kiran C / Kshitish V C
General Secretary Deepak R / Shantanu C
President Mangilal A
Vice President Vikas R L
General Secretary Gautam C
President Swapnil A
Vice President Asha Kiran K
General Secretary Ramana Kishore S
President Aravind C
Vice President Asha Kiran K
General Secretary Shiva Shankar N
President Venkatachalam "Mukund" P
Vice President Kunal T
General Secretary Bharat P
President Venkateswara Raj Gopal L
Vice President Ameya A N
General Secretary Vinaybabu S
President Nalinkanth G V
Vice President Sumi S
General Secretary Indra N S
President Ram S D
Vice President Nirmal K D
General Secretary Rajesh D
President Sreenivasa R J / Pramod C V
Vice President Aswhin C T
General Secretary Afthab M / Venu M K
President Joel S
Vice President Karthik N
General Secretary Kiran C
President Abhilash T
Vice President Prashanth S
General Secretary Sunitha R P
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