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This page will have a list of upcoming events for the Louisiana Tech University AITP and the Louisiana Tech University College of Business.

AITP Member Meeting #2
- Wednesday, October 19 ·  6:30pm
- College of Business - Room 206
- We will be having a meeting on Wednesday October 19th for all of those who are interested in being members of AITP. We will discuss our plans for up coming events and the new committees that we are creating, which we will be needing committee heads for. We will have pizza and drinks for all who attend, so please plan to come to our first member meeting. It will be in the College of Business room 206 at 6:30pm. We hope to see you there!

AITP Guest Speaker #1
- Wednesday, November 9th - 6:00pm
- College of Business - Room 218
- Guest Speaker: Justin Hinckley