Eco-Car | Louisiana Tech University

  • Diesel Dawg Diesel Dawg
    The aggressive body of this Eco-Car is a throwback to the muscle car era, while still earning high fuel-efficiency, and winning the design award.
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  • Ecocar Tech XX
    The most high-tech Eco-Car to ever come from LA Tech races down the track.
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  • Hotrod Hotrod
    Hotrod cruises down the Eco-Marathon runway, earning LA Tech 1st place in the Diesel Urban Concept Category and the Design Award. Hotrod racked up 488.7mpg!
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  • Thunderdawg Tech Roadster
    The Tech Roadster held the US record for urban fuel efficiency with 646 MPG!
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  • Ecocar B'Vetti B
    B'Vetti B flies down the Eco-Marathon raceway as it balances stylish looks and modern features with minimal gas consumption.
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  • Ecocar B'Vetti R
    LaTech's first urban car design stands proud on campus.
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The Louisiana Tech Eco-Car team is a group of highly motivated students and faculty working together to design competitive, fuel-efficient cars. The team works nearly year round engineering cutting-edge vehicles that not only challenge today's standards of gas consumption but look good while doing it.

The Louisiana Tech University has been winning titles and breaking records throughout the history of Shell Eco-marathon Americas. Our innovative fuel-efficient cars have evolved from a simple approach of using a bicycle frame into super-streamlined vehicles developed using 3D modeling and advanced manufacturing techniques.

  • 2010 Urban Concept Design Winner
  • 2010 Urban Concept Team Spirit Award
  • 2011 Urban Concept Gasoline Winner U.S. Record 646.7 MPG
  • 2011 Urban Concept Design Winner
  • 2011 Urban Concept Safety Award
  • 2012 Urban Concept Diesel Winner U.S. Record 488 MPG
  • 2012 Urban Concept Team Spirit Award
  • 2012 Urban Concept Design Winner
  • 2013 Urban Concept Diesel Winner
  • 2014 Urban Concept Design Winner
  • With our new car undergoing production, we are anxious to compete again this year!

    For more information about our organization feel free to contact us here.