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Today was another big day for the team!

We successfully integrated our seatback into the unibody with Carbon Fiber. Additionally, our real spindles were mounted to the rear end and our chassis dyno components have been ordered!

Fortunately for us, school was canceled tomorrow, due to bad weather so we will be in the shop tomorrow working away!

More pictures on the way!
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So lets recap! So far this year we have: repainted our lab, taken our cars on the road to events, built new storage carts and garages for all our cars and supplies, built a front and read end for the urban vehicle. The prototype team has a rolling and driving chassis. We're working hard to get a new EFI system installed in both vehicles! wish us luck! The bad weather has given us the opportunity to work all day friday on Eco! (school was...
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Its been a long time since we’ve updated! Sorry about that! That being said, we’re starting off the year on the right foot with a general interest meeting. We held a general interest meeting tonight in Nethken Hall where we had over 100 students attend. In the meeting, we discussed the history of Eco-Car and where we plan to go in the future. Several students and faculty have been working throughout the summer on the new design for...
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our final progress blog for our trip to california has taken a little bit longer to write then all the rest. we’re hesitant to say “final” blog because truthfully, it never really is finished, its more like “until next time” (aka 2 or 3 weeks from now after we all recover). our final day at the aaa autoclub speedway was best described as a stomach full of butterflies. while we’ve been in california, both prototype and urban have seen...
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we completed our first successful run with the prototype vehicle and got 502.5 mpg! we’re currently in 10th position and we hope to jump up to 9th or 8th by the end of the contest. in the urban category, we’ve had a few difficulties. in each category, each car must complete 7 laps and the urban is required to have to pit stops. the first urban run was going fine - until almost lap 5. there was a short in the kill switch which basically ended...
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