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The car has been assembled and the body is gone to paint! Urban Power train is finished up and ready for Chassis Dyno Testing. We're 90% done on just about every aspect of the car and we hope that final assembly will go together pretty quick.

The Prototype Team is going out to test the fuel injection system on the car out at a local church parking lot (for lack of a better space). We will post pictures of the car when it...
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We just carbon fibered the cab of our vehicle with nice carbon fiber! We're very excited! 

We also just made a new, slightly wider, set of wheel pods to give us a bit more clearance around our front tires.

Our Fuel Injection Group has made tremendous progress and it looks like that we'll actually have our first fuel injection system in our this years' vehicles! 

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We've been continuing to put in long hours on the car. The wheel pods have been successfully mounted and the rear end is currently getting welded together for the urban car. The doors have been cut and mounted and we hope to have it at the new paint shop by April 1st.

We are continuing to raise money to get the team to Houston; we hope to raise $5000 over the next month - contact us at if you're interested in helping...
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Today was a huge day for us!

We've had so many people working in and out of the shop, its hard to keep track of it all!

The fuel injection group is in full swing, prepping to test our 50cc engine on our engine dyno. The chassis dyno team is assembling the dyno itself.

The door for the urban vehicle was cut today and the hinging mechanism is currently being build. The steering column is also under construction.

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We have cut the rear access area on our new body. We hope to have the door and windows cut today. 
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