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We've finally made it back safe and sound, with a FIRST PLACE TROPHY and a new American Urban Concept Record! 646 mpg! 
Written by: Kevin Peters on April 18, 2011

Both the Prototype and Urban cars have passed Technical Inspection!!!

We're very excited! Tech Roadster (red urban) just finished its' first run and we're waiting for results. We only burned 41 mL of fuel over 6 miles... so with our calculations that puts us around 551, but that is completely unofficial! We WILL post race results on the main page! 

Written by: Kevin Peters on April 16, 2011

The cars have made it safely to Houston! We are about to start unloading them and setting up our pit area. Our team is coming down in many shifts, between today and tomorrow, wish us all a safe trip down and come cheer us on this weekend! More updates to come!

Written by: Kevin Peters on April 14, 2011

The Prototype car is wrapped and ready to go! We've just finished putting the logos on the car and will continue testing up until we have to load it into the trailer! Wish us luck! 
Written by: Kevin Peters on April 12, 2011

We have a lot of successful news to share!

We've completed all of the vehicles with plenty of time to spare and we have been running our cars out at a local church parking lot!

Today, with very little tuning, our new urban car achieve 236mpg. That isn't near our goal, but we think with a little tuning, we can be more than double that. With the help of our new Chassis Dyno, we think we can tune her up right!

We've set up a...
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