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After the carbon fiber of the inside of HotRod was complete, the body was put back into the foam router and the outside of the vehicle was cut leaving a small portion of foam. In the next step of the process, carbon fiber will be applied to the outside of this foam to complete the actual body of the car. This small portion of foam between the two layers of carbon fiber adds strength to the body of the car. The...

Written by: Allie De Leo on February 21, 2012

After smoothing out the foam cutout of the inside of HotRod, it was time for carbon fiber. Towards the end of December, team members carbon fibered the inside of HotRod. We were very impressed with how well the carbon fiber turned out! This picture shows the carbon fiber being applied to the inside of the vehicle.

Written by: Allie De Leo on February 21, 2012

In early December, we cut out the inside of new urban vehicle, HotRod. Things ran very smoothly with our foam router. We were very happy with the results! The two foam cutouts of the inside of HotRod can be seen in the picture. 

Written by: Allie De Leo on February 21, 2012

Our journey to Houston 2012 is well underway! We have made a lot of progress so far and are continuing to do so. The Shell Eco-marathon America Competition will be held in Houston, TX from March 29th through April 1st.

This year we will be bringing three vehicles with us to Houston. We will be bringing back the current American record holder,...

Written by: Allie De Leo on February 21, 2012

Welcome back!

Today we held our first work day to clean up the Eco Car workspace and orient new team members.

Stay tuned - it’s going to be a great year!

Written by: Adam Holden on October 15, 2011

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