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Eco-Car Update

the team worked all day finishing details on both cars. wednesday night, we ran the urban car in the parking lot, and had 2 major issues. 

first, the engine was not running well. this caused the engine to stall nearly every time that the drive system was engaged. 
secondly, when we could get the engine powerful...
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we began our first day at the shell eco marathon competition by inspecting the cars after their long trip from ruston to ontario. luckily nothing was damaged in transport – a special thanks goes out to mta for taking car of the cars, transportation wise. we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. we’ve been working on finalizing the cars and getting them ready for technical inspection tomorrow. 
we’ve gotten a lot of positive...
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we arrived in dallas around 1:30 in the afternoon and received our boarding passes without a hitch. we made it through security without incident – but lo and behold – our plane was broken. the main door latch on the aircraft was malfunctioning and this was discovered shortly after all the passengers were aboard the aircraft.

 the aircraft was unloaded and the flight was canceled. luckily we were rebooked on a flight...
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the cars ship out tomorrow. we’ve been working hard to get them ready for the contest. there have been several nights the past few weeks that we’ve been working all night. urban body has been mounted and the dash is being completed. the cars ship out in the morning via mta. we leave tuesday morning out of dfw. be sure to check out pbs on april 15th - day one of the contest - we will be on tv :) we also plan to do video updates everyday at...
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The blog is currently under construction. Please check back soon for an update on our cars!
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