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So the two halves of the Urban Concept Vehicle are now joined with Carbon Fiber. We have been sanding on the body for the past few days and we hope to have all the body work finished by early Wednesday morning. 

A freshman design team is currently working with the Eco-Car Team to build a chassis dyno to test the powertrains' of all of our vehicles. They will be responsible for the instrumentation of the...
Written by: Kevin Peters on March 8, 2011

So it's official, the new Louisiana Tech Urban Car can roll on its own!

We're currently on our quarter "break" (aka extended weekend) and several students have stayed to work on the car. Today we added Carbon Fiber to the belly of the belly of the beast to add support to the plastic hard points that the axles are mounted to. By wednesday, we hope to have the top and bottom half of the car joined.

We're also discussing a major...
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We only need to establish 3 more dimensions in order to be done with CAD for this year's prototype vehicle!!
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This past week we worked on the following aspects of the prototype vehicle:
improved how we mount the powertrain,
redesigned our sprockets to make them lighter and stronger,
we put down the first layer of carbon fiber on the firewall,
modeled the new electric starter,
modeled the new freewheel,
designed a bracket to hold a sprocket to our new freewheel,
welded the first pieces of...
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Yesterday was a day in which a lot of prep work occurred.

At Louisiana Tech, one of the great pieces of equipment we have is a vacuum former, for forming plastics around molds. Yesterday, we built several bases for our molds to rest on, while in the machine. As simple as that may sound - there is a lot more involved then you would think.

Additionally, we fiber glassed a bit more of the undercarriage of the vehicle and wheel pods....
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